Le 3 March - Thiruvanamalai - Tamil Nadu

A group of caravaners shared an intense and emotional moment in the orphenage.

Sharon, an australian lady, ex musician travelling over the world, 20 years before, falled in love with that spiritual city and gave her life taking care of around 30 kids

Marc was playing , than violin and flute … great moment with a special quality : softeness, poetry and delicateness.

An amazing capacity of listening, keeping silence,  wonderful kids from this age …

Farandole at the end was also very subtile, a great moment of tenderness.

These wonderful smalll kids have an amazing capacity of listening in silence.

Afternoon, in  the parc where indian families use to enjoy on Sunday calm and beauty of the site, the piano was put under a shelter. The walkers came around, some sung, dances and games with children.


Caravan of nine white vessels

Under the Indian sun

Paths slight tracks, so easily vanished

Welcoming gestures, words, looks are exchanged

Bivouac creating piano, caravaners

Meeting, music, love is sown

School or center, the oasis spreads its wings

Strong wave of impulse, joy, hope, harmony

Reflecting light in the eyes of children

And all those with them

And life dance, dense love

In shared pulsion heart