Le 3 April - Pondichéry - Tamil Nadu

Some of us are accompanied by Marie-Claire for meditations in the Matrimandir (Auroville) and under the close huge banyan tree. The Matrimandir and the banyan tree are considered as 2 poles of Auroville's soul. Silence is required, and photos are not allowed.

Meanwhile the rest of the group goes to Serenity beach for a bath.

In the afternoon the group is welcomed by many Auroville's companies such as the Bamboo Center, a music instruments factory, a Spiruline production center, Upasana clothes fabric...

A small team goes to Sadhana Forest Community to thank them again for their hearty welcome, and to take back the piano's crate. Indeed it is time to prepare the transit back to France.

The concert is given in the evening in the Visitor's Center. The atmosphere is rather intimate. The slide show of about 400 photos taken during our trip brings a lot of emotions, and many of us do not retain tears. After the piano time some Aurovilians come on the stage to join for dancing, Sujit's drums are inviting even the more reluctant.