Le 11 March - Mysore - Karnataka

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du 12 March 2013

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Star of Mysore du 13 March 2013

Grande liesse
Mysore Herald du 15 March 2013

Early birds as usual, we are getting ready to leave the hotel in Bangalore at 8.30, 9 to our next destination : Mysore. Mysore known for her palaces, silk, objects in sandal and rose wood. The city is surrounded by forests of sandalwood trees.( now protected ).Around 6 hours to get there by bus !The road is often full of paddles, we do some pauses for restrooms and lunch. Arrival at the end of the day,the hotel is located in the street of the jewelers, we go to our rooms,happy to be able to take a shower and rest a bit. Then dinner time for the Caravaniers more in need of their beds than of food !!

It has been a long day, tiring with the road and the heat but it is always a privilege to view Indian life and sceneries from our buses while we travel.