Le 13 March - Mysore - Karnataka

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du 12 March 2013

Spreading the message of Love & Peace
Star of Mysore du 13 March 2013

‘Love Caravan,’ a mission to spread love & peace thru music
Star of Mysore du 13 March 2013

Grande liesse
Mysore Herald du 15 March 2013

Marc got the permission of walking through the streets of Mysore with the piano on the truck playing. After some tchai or coffee we are leaving the hotel, following the piano truck and very excited to meeting people in the streets, greeting them, smiling at them,waving to them and bringing some joy through our march.The trafic is becoming hectic but Indian people are used to that, they use a bit more the horns and all go through !Some cows too cross, and look at us with curiosity...

It is hot but what a wonderful feeling to be there with all these people,Marc climbing on a moto or a bus. We arrive to a square, the kids from the Caravane jump in a carriage with Joaquim who plays  tuba. We arrive in the market, and we dance, trying to invite people to join us. Kids and women are more willing to follow when men are more reserved.The march continues and we return to the hotel, totally rotten but full of amazing feelings.We get some time to refresh and having lunch and soon we are leaving to the village of Ligambudhi Paalya, to meet the kids of « Arivu school ».A school oriented towards nature and more open then traditional schools in India.There is a lake near by, one of the staff is able to explain all, he speaks a very good French. Marc will play followed by Olivia and the Indian musicians that are with us since Bangalore. We are able to share ideas with some parents and teachers. Then a duo of Indian musicians play a traditional kannadic music(from the Karnataka state where we are now),the Kannada beeing the main language in that state.One plays a violin with a long stem,the other one a percussion called « mrudunga ».Nice harmony.

Then a lemon tea is served with some cookies and one guy invites some women to dance ballroom, really funny to find a ballroom dancer here !!

We leave that beautiful school to go to a slum near by where families live.

As soon as we arrive the kids come to meet us and greet us. Yes the poverty is here, but what a warm welcoming right away from them. A temple is here, some go throught the street to see how they live, to meet them.One woman is polishing some pots in cooper, one is cooking, one holding her baby. Simple moments of the everyday life that we all experiment. One woman explains that this slum exists since 18 years and some people from a neighboor organisation have been helping them so they can leave more decently and take care of their vital needs and be more organised.Then the concert begins and all are attentive, adults and kids. Marc then Olivia play and Claire, a Caravaniere, starts to dance. Magic of the union of sounds and movements, and sharing with these people.Then we invite other kids to dance, they seem so happy and their smile is a gift. Some members of the Caravane cannot hold their tears, these kids are so touching, so poor but so rich within their heart. We continue the dancing, the hugging, the kissing as the sun goes down and the sky getting red from so much happiness.....

It is hard to leave them, we talk more and wave goodbye.

While on the road to return we are full of so many emotions, after having shared these moments with these families.

To me, this day has been the most powerful and emotional one since the beginning of the Loving Caravane.

It is nice to share with the group our feelings and emotions and soon we are going to rest and dream of a better world for all these kids......