Le 16 March - Ooty - Karnataka

A visit of the tea plantations is organized by Joseph (a Swami's disciple) at 06h.30 am. The sunrise combined with eucalyptus trees smells, offers unforgettable feelings. Nelly even proposes a short meditation in order to better prepare and take root in the day. Meanwhile Roger manages some volunteers of the group in order to cook a French lunch for Kavita, the meal is made from the ashram's garden vegetables. Kavita loves it.

After lunch it is shopping time in Ooty.

The concert is given on spot, at the ashram, at 16h.00. Many Sri Lanka's refugees enjoy this music time. Kavita is invited by Marc to play the piano with him, she keeps her luminous smile. Soizic, Roselyne and Marie-Claude perform « Bolasses » for their first time in public, under their trainer (Manon) indulgent look. Muriel and Sandra offer a lovely dance, it is a very special moment for Sandra as she will leave the Caravan the day after.

In the evening Alina organizes a meeting in order that members of the group who wish it may share their feelings about the Caravan, which already began 3 weeks ago.