Le 17 March - Pulpally (Wayanad) - Kerala

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Manorama du 18 March 2013

Wake up call at 6 .30, this morning we are leaving the ashram to go to the small village of Pulpully, at about 5h. Long road, the heat is intense,finally we arrive mid afternoon and we are wellcome nicely with a lunch usually made for weddings !!!We go to the Ayurvedic center Vanamoolika, where we will be able to stay for 2 nights. Mr P.J Chackochan greeds us and we are able to freshen up a bit. Soon we walk to the town to settle for the concert of tonight . Time to checks the little town and do some shopping.All the people from the town (mostly men,no women as they stay at home)start to surround the piano. We are welcome by the representant of the town and a photographer who had organised this encounter here.