Le 18 March - Pulpally (Wayanad) - Kerala

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La Caravane amoureuse en Inde
Manorama du 18 March 2013

The night was better and the breakfast served only at 8.30!Great rice pancakes with jam,hard boiled eggs, banana, watermelon, pineaple, coffee, tea and milk, what a treat !

One group goes to visit the ayurvedic factory « Vanamoolika »( means plants of the forest)and the gardens with the owner Mr Chackochan .

15 people work in that place but at the moment were in the fields picking up plants,roots....This factory produces only bio ayurvedic medicine, health and beauty treatments, spices, herbs, plants, dried fruits. Very special to see all these trees, fruits, plants. After we are able to buy few products at a very low price.( when we see how much we pay in Europe for these kind of things....).Some stayed to rest or do few errances.

We are able to do our laundry and right after « en route » to the forest to meet some tribes.But finally it will not be possible as the road is blocked with some of them demonstrating for their rights. We stop for lunch in a place of a sculptor,who did a little tribe museum. Delicious even if spicy as usual!Then we go to see his house where he gives us the story of his life, we meet his wife, children, mom. The nature is surrounding us, lush and beautiful, some type of big grapefruits(pomelos) are shared. Beautiful moments of reality and simplicity. Soon it is time to go to that little town where we are expected for a concert, Kalpetta. Suddenly the rain comes heavily, all is refreshed and it seems like we cannot do the concert outdoors like it was planned. No problem, we are welcomed in a big room ; outside the performance is going on with monkeys, a big group climbing goyave trees to pick up the fruits, finally they find a window open and all of them follow the entrance....

Soon the piano is settled and Olivia will start the concert, her 1st mouvement is amazing, powerful. Marc follows and also is giving us an incredible performance. All the Indians present in the room are listening attentively.After Marie plays flute, some « caravanieres »dance, some play with scarves. Voila, music is over and it was again a great sharing evening. A dinner is offered to us and it is already late to return. We have about over 1h and half of road and tomorrow the waking up will be early again.Happy to find our little beds and a refreshing shower, we can fall asleep, with wonderful images in mind....