Le 21 March - Amritapuri - Kerala

Morning time is dedicated to rest, clothes washing and shopping.

We are getting impatient to arrive in Amma's ashram (4 hours drive).

This being said, most of us are a bit disappointed, because the ashram is governed by very strict rules. We understand the aim of most of these rules, but anyway we feel a bit oppressed, as these constraints do not fit well in the Caravan's energy (i.e. we cannot show any affection sign to one another). Moreover the ashram is more than noisy ; and the concert that was foreseen is cancelled.

During the evening a meeting is organized, we decide to leave Amma's ashram earlier than planned.

During this meeting we cannot prevent ourselves from hugging and kissing those who will leave the Caravan the day after : Katherine, Lea and Vincent, Christine, Nelly, Samya, Jocelyne and Jenna.