Le 27 March - Kanyakumari - Tamil Nadu

We leave Oddayam at 06h.00, so to arrive at 10h.30 in a school for blind pupils. They are aged from 5 to 18, and we rapidly can feel their sharp sensitivity. They first propose us their music and songs. Then we play and reserve a time for strokes and endearment. The teachers will be so happy that one of them takes the initiative to sing a “love” song at the end of our performance.

On the way we welcome and congratulate Monique, who has just accompanied Hervé for his repatriation. India-France-India in just 2 days ! We had no doubt, Monique's unconditional Love is truly one of the strongest pillar of the Caravan!

After a 2 hours drive we reach Kanyakumari, which is the most southern town in India. It is moreover a “cult” town as some Gandhi's ashes have been dispersed there. We are at the mixing point of 3 seas: The Bengal gulf, the Indian ocean and the Arabian sea.

A concert is given in the evening, just besides the holy temples and the crowdy market.