Le 31 March - Salem - Tamil Nadu

It is Eastern Sunday.

Some of us go to the Church. The Service is colourful, women and men do not sit on the same benches.

Soizic welcomes her Indian family, notably the twin-sisters she has been fostering for 8 years and their brother and parents.

The concert is given at 18:00, in a park. We join the annual event of The Epiphany Center. It is a very high-standard show with traditional dances, songs. The costumes, make-ups and accessories are indeed beautiful: peacock feathers, wooden horses, …

The priest makes a committed speech and delivers messages, such as: “In India, in our own country we are used to take more and more, and even practise corruption. See what The Love Caravan people are doing, they come from far away, just to give. Is it not inspiring and showing us where the example is ? ...”