They didn't know it was impossible,so they did it

The caravan will cross France from April 7th to May 20th, 2012 “for a more loving France”.

Until now, the world has been built upon the four attitudes of fear, condemnation, denigration and guilt. It’s high time we replaced them with giving, trust, benevolence, and love…

The caravan aims to honour the efforts of individuals, associations, and various institutions who work together for a better life in the fields of social/ social-medico work, crafts, ecology, art, and culture.

The idea behind the Caravane Amoureuse:  to stop at various places: high schools, old people’s homes, centres for people living with disability, prisons, and communities/neighbourhoods, associations… to meet and validate the people. During the journey, a team of partners, who are active in the fields of ecology, solidarity, and wellbeing, are with us every day and present their activities and projects wherever we stop. And each night The Caravane Amoureuse, in collaboration with local artistes, gives a free concert to the local inhabitants.

Because we are convinced that everyone is unique and has their place in this world, our commitment is to listen to people benevolently, to share, to live in the moment, and to move together towards more autonomy and empowerment.

Just as Captain Cousteau revealed the beauty of the sea depths for us, the Caravane Amoureuse sets out to explore the depths of humanity.